Monday, September 17, 2012

Micro Systemation has a new XRY release

Micro Systemation has released XRY Complete 6.3.2

New features include:
  • Bypass of some iOS passcodes
  • Full support for new iOS6
  • RAM disk extraction for iOS devices
  • Logical Support for Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • New Word export funtionality
  • New agent for extracting data from Windows Phone 7
  • New support for extracting information from .sbu backup files
  • Others
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Magnet Forensics has a new release

Magnet Forensics (Formerly JAD Software) has released Internet Evidence Finder 5.6.1

New features include:
  • The ability to rebuild web pages as they were viewed by the suspect
  • Recovery from iOS backups
  • Enhanced support for Skype carved messages, Facebook chat, and Gmail and Google Drive
  • Carving for Skype sync chat, ooVoo chat, and Mail.RU chat client
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Access Data has released a new version of MPE+

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) 5.0 has been released.

New features include:
  • Physical imaging of the Samsung Galaxy II Series
  • Physical imaging of Android 2.5.3
  • New Interface
  • Others
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Guidance Software has released EnCase 6.19.6

This was released to fix some bugs.
  • EnCase stops responding when adding evidence with 4KB sectors
  • Copy/Unerase and Copy Folders were exporting corrupted RMS content
  • New Outside In security update applied
  • Fixes in hashing with the encase.hash sets
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