Monday, November 12, 2012

Magnet Forensics has a new release

Magnet Forensics has a new release of Internet Evidence Finder.

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) 5.7 has been released!

New features in this release are:
  • Chrome Incognito & Firefox Private Browsing History
  • Carbonite & Google Maps Artifacts
  • Web History Categorization
  • Support for Ex01, Lx01, and L01 images
  • Dates and time are now converted to local or a specified time zone.
  • Picture and Video Analysis, Carving and Parsing
    • EXIF Data
    • Skin Tone & Body Part Detection
  • Others
Remember that JAD Software is now Magnet Forensics, so update your bookmarks!

To read more visit Magnet Forensics

Also Magnet Forensics has Webinar Demonstrations, if you have not checked these guys out, you are potentially missing tons of information!


As a side note for any of you curious.  Incognito and Private browsing does leave traces, usually in flash cookies.  I am assuming that is where IEF is parsing this information.  (Maybe other locations as well.)  If so, it is cool that someone is now taking those cookies and parsing them out.

Friday, November 9, 2012

BlackBag Technologies has a new release.

BlackLight 2012 R4 has been released.

New features include:
  • Skype analysis - View Skype chat and voice communications
  • Side-by-side evidence analysis - Open multiple Black Light window instances to simultaneously compare and analyze related evidence
  • Virtual Machine Support
  • Time Machine Support
  • iOS 6 and Mountain Lion (10.8.2) support
  • And More
To read more about BlackLight visit Black Bag


Logicube has released new firmware for CellXtract

CellXtract has been released.

Updates include:
  • Support for iOS 6
  • Support for iPhone 5 (No cable has been supplied yet, so users must use an "off the shelf" cable.)
  • Android extractions of email from default and Gmail locations
  • Improved rooting for Android 2.3.5 and 2.3.6
  • Support for Apple iPad and iPhone devices with back-up passwords (user must know tha password and enter it when extracting.)
  • Others
To read more visit Logicube.

For Logicube sales and training visit H-11 Digital Forensics


X-Ways has released some updates

X-Ways Forensic, X-Ways Investigator, and WinHex are all on Version 16.7

To read more visit X-Ways


Cellebrite has released a new version of Physical Analyzer

Cellebrite has released Physical Analyzer 3.5

In viewing the release notes some of the changes include the following:

  • New decoding of Blackberry Messenger (groups, attachments, and deleted data)
  • Nokia BB5 File system reconstruction and decoding
  • View Android application files
  • Improved TomTom trip-log decryption
  • Export Locations to KML files
  • Export Emails to EML files
  • Embedded Text Viewer
  • Others
To read more visit Cellebrite.

For training or to purchase Cellebrite visit H-11 Digital Forensics


Guidance Software has released a new version of EnCase

EnCase 7.05.01 has been released.

The main update is:
  • SMS Checking - Prevents you from running a version of EnCase released after your SMS has expired.
 Fixed issues include:
  • An encryption error with BitLocker, where upon closing and re-opening the Evidence tab the volume was displayed as encrypted.
  • The IsValidCreditCard() string does not accommodate strings with more than 16 characters.
  • An EnServer configured to use NAS (Network Authentication Server) does not accept a HASP dongle configured to run Version 7.
  • After creating a search and selecting "Save Results" EnCase crashes.
  • Others
To read more please visit Guidance Software.

For Sales or Training with EnCase 7 please visit H-11 Digital Forensics.


Changes to the blog.

Due to the random nature of release dates.  I will be making updates every Friday.  This will save me some time, and hopefully you as well, as Friday will be "new post day."

This way I can allot a solid block of time to the blog and be more thorough.