Monday, November 12, 2012

Magnet Forensics has a new release

Magnet Forensics has a new release of Internet Evidence Finder.

Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) 5.7 has been released!

New features in this release are:
  • Chrome Incognito & Firefox Private Browsing History
  • Carbonite & Google Maps Artifacts
  • Web History Categorization
  • Support for Ex01, Lx01, and L01 images
  • Dates and time are now converted to local or a specified time zone.
  • Picture and Video Analysis, Carving and Parsing
    • EXIF Data
    • Skin Tone & Body Part Detection
  • Others
Remember that JAD Software is now Magnet Forensics, so update your bookmarks!

To read more visit Magnet Forensics

Also Magnet Forensics has Webinar Demonstrations, if you have not checked these guys out, you are potentially missing tons of information!


As a side note for any of you curious.  Incognito and Private browsing does leave traces, usually in flash cookies.  I am assuming that is where IEF is parsing this information.  (Maybe other locations as well.)  If so, it is cool that someone is now taking those cookies and parsing them out.

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