Monday, March 19, 2012

AccessData releases new PRTK and DNA

Access Data has released a new version of PRTK v.6.6.0

They have also released a new version of DNA v.3.6.0

This release has seen the following updates/changes:
  • Enhanced processing to utilize multiple cores more effectively
  • No longer run as a Windows Service
  • Installation must be done as an Administrator
  • Uses the latest patched version of Java 1.6
  • More efficient on 64bit workers
  • Dictionary Utility can work against passwords that are longer than 64 characters
  • Users can now select multiple dictionaries of a similar name using shift+alt
  • User Interface cleanup in the job properties dialog

New Modules:
  • Cypherus
  • DGCA
  • iPhone
  • TightVNC
New Rules Options:
  •  Leet Speak
  • Case Permutations
  • Tertiary
For a complete list of issues fixed please see the Accessdata Release Notes found:


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