Thursday, March 8, 2012

EnCase 7.03 Experiences 001

This is an initial review of EnCase 7.03 as it relates to experiences with 7.02.04.

There are some major positives that I would like to share!

The right-click has returned.  The majority of the functions that were available with a right-click in EnCase 6.x have finally returned, some are listed below...
  • Recover Folders (This is great and I will explain in detail below the list.)*
  • Remove Recovered Folders
  • Bookmark
  • Copy Files / Folders (An issue with this is explained below.)***
  • View File Structure (YAY)
  • Add To Hash Library
  • Hash / Run Signature on Selected (See below for added bonus to this)*
  • Acquire E01 / Ex01
  • Acquire L01
  • Disk View (A Limitation listed below)**
  • Restore
  • Scan Disk Config
  • Share with PDE / VFS
  • Share with Enterprise View
  • Modify Time Zones
  • Send To File Viewers
* Recover Folders / Run Hash Analysis and Signature Analysis on Selected
  • This is independent of the Evidence Processor!
  • This means that you can do it multiple times prior to running the Evidence Processor, and select which volumes to run the recover folders on.
** Disk View
  • If you select disk view from a right-click you will go to the cluster of that file.  Not the Sector.
  • The limitation is that there is no way to un-check the cluster view box and stay where you are located.  Once you un-check cluster view you are taken to the start of the volume.
  • Make sure to document the Physical Sector in the data bar (GPS) so that you can return to the correct Sector!
*** Copy Files Folders
  • Instead of going into full detail here I will create a new post concerning this issue.


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