Monday, April 16, 2012

Access Data releases a new version of the FTK

FTK 4.0.1 has been released.

Quite a bit has been updated with this release.

From the Release notes:
  • You can now obtain metadata from PDFs.  This feature also allows you to extract attachments, but not embedded graphics.
  • Additional Registry data processing
  • New index processing option "Do Not include document metadata in filtered text"
  • Speed for optical character recognition has been improved
  • KFF processing through a Postgres SQL database has been improved
  • Reporting process times for the log file and progress window have been improved
  • When bookmarking index.dat entries, the 'Create Bookmark' dialog now provides an option to include the entry's parent index.dat file in the bookmark
  • Improvement in the exportation of NSF emails into MSG format
  • A new default filter named 'Cerberus Static Analysis' has been added to let you see the files that have had Cerberus Stage 2 Analysis run against them
  • Improved support for finding hidden processed
For more information visit accessdata:


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