Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guidance Software has released a new version of EnCase

EnCase 7.03.02 has been released.

The primary bug fixes they have listed are the following:
  • HFS+ hard link, Extents Overflow and .rtd files not reading correctly on Apple Macintosh computers
  • Data in HFS+ resource forks not displaying correctly.
  • File Carver using default length instead of footer to carve files.
  • Compound queries with "and" or "or" operators not completing in certain cases.

I will be reading all of the release notes and playing with the new build more this week.  I will post more on version 7.03.02 the beginning of next week.


I read up on the the release notes, and there are a few more things to be mentioned.

  • Fixed an issue where acquiring a remote device via the evidence processor always resulted in the same acquisition hash for an Ex01 file
  • Fixed an issued where the Evidence tab "rescan" capability was not working

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