Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cellebrite has some new releases

To start I have added the Cellebrite Touch to the "Current Versions" page.

The Releases are:
Cellebrite Touch Application
Cellebrite Classic Application
Physical Analyzer 3.2
Logical Analyzer 3.2
Phone Detective 1.1.7

Updates include:
  • iPhone 5 file system support
  • iOS 6 file system extractions (I know this pretty much includes the iPhone 5...)
  • Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" physical and file system support including, pattern, pin, or passcode lock bypass during physical extraction
  • 550 new logical extractions (remember, this can mean multiple versions of the same phone as "multiple" new devices"
  • 34 new physical extractions
  • 6 new file system extractions
  • 4 new password extractions
  • And more
To read about this check out Cellebrite

For training visit H-11 Digital Forensics


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